In September the fourth Open Geest (Open Mind) production of the organisation Te Gek !? starts.
A music theater tour with Rick de Leeuw and Sven unik-id within the welfare and mental health sector in Flanders.

In his young life, Sven had to deal with two psychoses. By trial and error he has learned to control his madness by giving form to art installations and performances. Rick has spent his childhood in the gritty reality of a Catholic boys’ boarding school. The barely satisfying hunger for independence that he gained there echoes in much of his work.

In “Bijzondere Ontwikkelingen” ( unwrapped) they jointly look for the connection between ‘madness’ and creativity and for the inspiring difference between ‘normal’ and slightly less normal. Bijzondere Ontwikkelingen is an ode to vulnerability, and at the same time a cheerful celebration of the resilience of the human mind.