unik-id has, as a result of the construction of the care-home with nursing Morgenster, been assigned for an art project.
Morgenster is more than 30 ha of land in Sijsele where the old hospital has now become Sanapolis … a project where health, preferably for the whole of a person’s life, is central. And that inspired Sven who wanted to represent it!
With the work Hold me, we attempt to find the secret of the residents of Morgenster to enjoying a long life.
Together with their family we ask them if they have this secret or this recipe and if they agree to share them with us, by filling an especially designed
certificate. This document is then rolled up in order to be kept in a metal tube. Each resident receives one unique coloured tube. The tubes are connected to each other with clamps and are attached to a central axis.
The colours of the tubes refer to the diversity in society as well as to the fact that, for decades, these residents have given colour to this local community.

Discover the art project ‘Hold me’ in the video and hold on to it:

Have you already discovered the secret of eternal life? Not yet??
Well, here in WZC Morgenster they cherish the secrets of all their residents, so come and discover them, maybe Hold me won’t let you go.

In collaboration with IZR.