Zorgnet-Icuro is the Flemish umbrella organization of care institutions (hospitals, mental health care, elderly care). It strives for high-quality, affordable and accessible care.
Since a few years it has been giving “Open Minds Awards” to positive and innovative initiatives for better mental health. More than 70 initiatives have been submitted. A professional jury selected 3 projects in five categories according to predefined future-oriented objectives. The public was then invited to vote for one of the nominated entries in each category.
Sven was asked to conceive an award for the presentation. He decided to include all 72 submissions in the five awards because each nomination is important and deserves merit. All candidates take care of care. Sven therefore wrote up a connecting sentence based on key words of each project. That sentence was drilled out of a thin long metal ribbon. The ribbon winds round and round and moves in five spiral curves representing the five categories, these were originally connected but then detached from each other during the ceremony in order to be handed over to the winners.
Please take a look at the making of: