unik-id was appointed by the municipality of Bonheiden to make an artwork within the scope of “Kunst op straat” (art on the street). The artwork verWACHT(ing) is linked to Jeugddorp vzw, located in the municipality.

“Not everyone grows up in a safe family environment. In such a situation, an organization such as Jeugddorp can take care of and support children and young people on their way to independence.

In Jeugddorp children and young people grow up without the direct proximity of their parents, but they are surrounded by each other and they all care for each other.

Jeugddorp would have liked to see the artwork at the bus stop called “Gezonde Luchtlaan”. Here the children and young people are waiting for the bus that will transport them. At that bus stop there is a shelter which provides protection from bad weather conditions. With the artwork we make an analogy with the working of Jeugddorp. If the situation is no longer safe, there is a large house where people can go, where they can hide and find security.

That large house is originally white, it still needs to be embellished. We cannot determine for ourselves how it should be decorated because we do not live there. That is why we asked Branco to design a template. That template has a meaning for most children and young people staying in Jeugddorp. The scheme is that they adorn the house with the template. They can also depict their further trajectory by painting the template on the street.

The artwork bears the name verWACHT(ing), a reference to the location (travelers wait – ‘wacht’ in Dutch – for the bus), the expectations in life (‘verwacht’) and the anticipation (‘verwachting’). The hands in the logo offer protection and at the same time refer to the template designed by Branco. ”

We would also like to thank the youth and the supervisors of Jeugddorp, the municipality of Bonheiden, especially the cultural department and the technical service for the preliminary works, and De Lijn. Furthermore, our thanks to Maarten Schaubroeck for the elaboration of the artwork and to Branco for the design of the template.