Sint-Lodewijk is an organisation, which provides education, accommodation, care, guidance designed for the special needs of persons with mental and/or physical disabilities.

Sven was asked to make an artwork for this establishment. He thus spent a short week at the boarding school. Stay up together, spend the day together and go to bed together.

The artwork is the result of the journey he embarked on to find how dreams arise in Sint-Lodewijk. Its title is ‘I have a dream’

A positive environment is necessary to be able to dream: an environment, which makes it possible to support and to be supported. This artwork shows how everyone dreams. Sven also wants to push back frontiers and show that people with disabilities are also involved in our society.

Everyone who is related to Sint-Lodewijk gets the opportunity to hold his dream in his hands at the beginning of the artwork, on the schoolyard. This dream is represented by a wooden sphere, in which people can write down their dream. These dreams are then lifted up in the artwork and than start to move, further and further away. The artwork faces the Scheldt that streams nearby. The river symbolises our society, where everyone flows into the sea. The dreams end up there and stream further together with the other dreams.