The conservatory (“serre” in Dutch) is literally and figuratively central. The construction also stands out when you pass by.

With the name “Serrieus” we of course want to refer to the location (a conservatory is a “serre” in Dutch) but also to our clients’ approach : they choose their flowers and plants carefully, directly at the auction; they advise customers on how to design their garden and terrace and even cultivate larger plants.

Lien has had a passion for flower arrangement from an early age, which not only manifests itself in the sale of beautiful bouquets, but now also results in workshops that she offers in her studio. Joris is happy to assist customers in order to make the right choice thanks to his many years of experience as a garden contractor and his knowledge of plants.

With the subtitle “makes you bloom” we want to say that giving flowers, whatever the circumstances, always means a heartfelt gesture of friendship and a warm feeling of affection.

What makes you bloom?